12mm MR MDF sheets (various sizes)


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MDF MR 9mm is a composite panel product consisting of cellulosic fibres compressed with a synthetic resin or other ideal bonding system and joined together under extreme heat and pressure. For light carpentry projects, such as shelving and trim, 12mm MDF can be excellent.


Weight19.67 kg
Size2440mm x 1220mm
ApplicationsFor use in cabinets, For use in manufacturing, For use in wardrobes, Shelving
BrandInternational forest products
ClassBS EN622-1
Country of originGermany/Brazil
FeaturesPaintable & stainable
FinishSand finish
Fire ratingNone
Formaldehyde levelE1 (low)
GradeStandard medium density fibreboard
Moisture resistantNo
Product standardNon structural
Weather exposureInterior
Wood speciesCedar, Pine



Here are some key applications of 9mm MDF boards:

  • Wall panelling;
  • Furniture;
  • Window boards;
  • Toys;
  • Shopfitting;
  • Toys;
  • Exhibition displays;
  • Public buildings;
  • Architraves;

Benefits and Key Features of 9mm MDF

The key features of 12mm MDF sheets include:

  • The sheets are easy to screw and glue;
  • Since MDF boards lack grain and knots, it can be cut in any direction while not compromising its original strength;
  • Sands and finishes perfectly;
  • It can be screwed, painted, and veneered to fit the specific requirements of the user.

The key advantages of MDF sheets:

  • It is easy to work with;
  • It is quite versatile and also affordable when compared with its counterparts like plywood;
  • Unlike real wood, MDF boards don’t have grains or knots and don’t warp.
  • It has a smooth exterior that makes it easy to cut with a saw without splinting or tearing out.
  • It is an ideal sheet material for light carpentry projects such as shelving.

Note: Like dust from other sheet materials is harmful to your health, MDF dust can be harmful if inhaled. So it is recommended to wear dust masks and goggles when working with MDF. Besides, you should work in a well-ventilated area.




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2440x1220mm, 1220x1220mm, 2440x600mm, 1220x610mm


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