Wall Panelling Fitting Service (Design your wall)


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Design Your Wall Panelling With Our Wall Panelling Creator.

Enter the dimensions of your wall for instant Prices.

 (We offer the most Competitive Panelling kits in the UK along with the Cheapest Priming services. (We will Beat any online Wall panelling price)

– Choose the thickness & width of your panelling,

– Build Your Design

We cut all of the individual pieces to the sizes you require, (we do however advise you check your walls are level beforehand).

Receive your Panelling ready to apply to the wall &paint. There is no need for wall panel calculators, just measure and apply your adhesive. See our fitting video/content on our home screen for fitting advise.


Wall Panelling details below

We offer a simple and effective Panelling calculator.

Simply input your walls dimensions & we cut it to size for you.

We offer a professional Priming service you can add in checkout.

We deliver to your door on the requested day you need it.

We offer our kits in Premium Moisture resistant MEDITE MDF.

We Provide a professional cutting, sanding & Priming service suitable for any Panelling project you require.

Kit Uses

– Bedroom wall Panels

– Hallways Panelling

– Decorative Wall Panels

– Bathrooms Panelling

– kitchen panelling

– Slat wall Panelling

– Wood Wall Panelling

Transform any wall, any room or space with our Panelling kit.

Add character & style to any home, this kit brings your interior design dreams to life.

You can add the colour, layout & Style perfectly.

Personalise your room with light from a nearby window facing your Panelling.

If You can imagine a perfect space or room, we can help create it.

Installation- Follow our fitting video on our home screen, we also have a walk through below.

We have tips on equipment required for your project that you may need.

Fitting Your Panelling

Follow our Fitting content on our home page or follow our fitting manual below.

– We provide all the pieces noted upon delivery to guide you.

Step 1: Mark up your wall- using a pencil mark where the Panels will be applied to the wall.

Step 2: Apply adhesive to your walls & Panels (We advise you start with top & bottom rails first)

Step 3: Stick your Panels to your wall ( Please follow our visual guide on our Home Screen)

Step 4: Level- Use a spirit level to align your Panelling (Follow our Visual guide)

Step 5: Fill & Caulk- Fill any gaps between panels, then caulk around your edges with a application tool.

Step 6: let it dry

Step 7: Sand & Prime- Sand any unwanted Caulk, adhesive or MDF for a smooth finish.

Then Apply your Primer (We advise using an all in one undercoat and MDF Primer)

Step 8: Paint your MDF panelling- We recommend Paints on our homepage



Easy fit instruction video

Includes all necessary materials, accessories, fuel and carpentry costs. Fitted in 4-6 weeks, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date. Please read our fitting guidelines here.
Need help with measuring? See simple instructions here.
Max length of each panel is 2440mm. If your width is wider than 2440mm, top and bottom panels will be in 2 pieces.
Length will be the width of your wall. If longer than 2.9m, skirting will be in 2+ pieces. Timber and MDF options available.
Each backboard is 1220x2440mm in size and Moisture Resistant.
Please email for quotations.
Select the size of your complimentary picture rail. Length will be the width of your wall.
Moisture Resistant MDF Panels Cut To Size
Professional Spray Priming Service
Free Picture Shelf
Professional Fitting Service
Total Price for your materials and fitting is summarised (Please check for any mistakes or changes required).
Width of Panelling:80mm
Product total
Options total


Fitting details-


We have expert carpenters ready to fit your feature wall.

  • We can offer a consultation to make sure you have the design you want.
  • Book a fitting date with us
  • Bespoke styles and finish
  • Choose your beaded finish
  • Moisture resistant MDF


We offer a simple and effective Panelling calculator. Simply input your walls dimensions & we fit to your requirements. If you need a more bespoke design we can edit your design. We have experienced carpenters ready to fit your wall panelling.

  • We offer a free professional Priming service.


looking for premium quality?

If you are looking for high performance MDF, then Panelling Direct is where to get it. We offer precision-cutting that lets you cut your Panelling to the size specifications. Our advanced systems let you cut panels to within 0.2mm of your required specification.

Features of our Medite Moisture Resistant MDF

Many wood-based sheet materials are porous and warp in the presence of moisture. This feature makes them unsuitable for interior humid conditions and external applications. However, with Medite MR, a member of the Medite family, buyers can enjoy all of the regular benefits of MDF with moisture resistance as an added bonus.

MR MDF requires full sealing and coating before being used in interior environments. If you plan on installing products, always follow the manufacturer guidelines. Medite MR broadens the role of MDF in home interior humid conditions, but it must be prepared properly to function at its best. Always prepare surfaces prior to installation.


Kit Uses

– Bedroom wall Panels

– Hallways Panelling

– Decorative Wall Panels

– Bathrooms Panelling

– kitchen panelling

– Slat wall Panelling

– Wood Wall Panelling




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