11x Moisture resistant Panelling (L) 1220mm (Pack coverage 3.6×1.2m)


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11x 1220mm length of Medite Moisture Resistant Panelling strips. (Medite Quality)

If you are looking for high performance MDF Panelling, then Panelling Direct is where to get them. We offer precision-cutting that lets you cut your Panelling to the size specifications. Our advanced systems let you cut panels to within 0.2mm of your required specification.

Features of Medite Moisture Resistant MDF

Many wood-based sheet materials are porous and warp in the presence of moisture. This feature makes them unsuitable for interior humid conditions and external applications. However, with Medite MR, a member of the Medite family, buyers can enjoy all of the regular benefits of MDF with moisture resistance as an added bonus.

MR MDF requires full sealing and coating before being used in interior environments. If you plan on installing products, always follow the manufacturer guidelines. Medite MR broadens the role of MDF in home interior humid conditions, but it must be prepared properly to function at its best. Always prepare surfaces prior to installation

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Panelling Width

70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm

Panelling Thickness

6mm, 9mm, 12mm


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