5″ Lambs tongue MDF Skirting (Primed 120x18mm)


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Lambs Tongue MDF Skirting Board is manufactured from a high density, moisture resistant. The Lambs Tongue MDF Skirting Board is one of the many perfect profiles for a modern home.

Our Lambs Tongue MDF Skirting Boards are the right choice for those looking for a distinctive skirting solution. You will find our Stepped skirting boards in both pre-primed and unprimed conditions. Moreover, you may inform us about the skirting board designs you have already installed.


Choosing the right height of the skirting boards-
You may have already installed some skirting boards in your house. Thus, the height of your new skirting boards must match that height.

However, some houses have radiator pipes along the walls, and they need to be careful while choosing the height of the board.



Additional information

What Length?

2.1m, 2.4m, 4.2m


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