45x12mm Pine beading (2.4m length)


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our Pine beading is highly practical and versatile planed timber. Smooth and square-edged for a professional finish, ideal for boxing in and use as support battens. Perfect for those simple DIY jobs.


  • A simple planed design which comes in a variety of sizes to suit any project
  • Easy to work with, using pins, screws or adhesive
  • beading is available in pine, knotty pine, light hardwood and hardwood
  • Beading is an exceptionally versatile product which can go well with virtually any joinery project
  • All of our beading are made to exact measurements and to the highest quality
  • Our Pine products are made using a lightweight, straight grained softwood which is easy to work with. Due to its strength, elasticity and relatively low cost, pine is a popular choice to be used in a variety of projects.
  • To finish off pine, lightly sand before applying wood stain, varnish or a lacquer
Additional Info:
Product Code TM641
Product Type Stripwood
Material Knotty Pine
Length 2400mm
Width 12mm
Thickness 45mm
Internal or External Use Internal use only


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