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How to Panel a Wall: DIY Wall Panelling Made Easy

Wall panelling is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Timeless and stylish, wall panelling is a traditional feature, however today it looks beautiful in both contemporary and period properties. Introducing wall panelling is a great way to add character and upgrade your home. Want to know how to create DIY wall panelling? Read on to find out…

Why Wall Panelling?

Wall panelling is wonderfully versatile, and can be installed pretty much anywhere in the home. From traditional shaker styles to more modern slat wall panelling, panelled walls are a great way to introduce texture, new dimensions and interest without the need for bold or fussy wallpapers.

You only need to search ‘wall panelling’ on Instagram to see just how popular this look is, and the best thing is it won’t date, meaning it’ll work well in your home for years to come.

While you might feel like installing your own DIY wall panelling might be challenging, it’s actually really simple. Here’s how to panel a wall, in five easy steps…

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How to Panel a Wall…

How to fit wall panelling

Step 1: Plan your Panelling

Preparation is essential to create beautiful, professional looking panelling. The first thing to do is to decide where you want to add panelling in your home, and then decide on a style. There are several types of panelling, such as shaker, wainscoting, tongue and groove and slat wall panelling. Head to our Instagram for inspiration and ideas to help you decide on the look you want to achieve.

Step 2: Measure Up

Now that you’ve decided on where you want your panelling to go and the style you want to achieve, it’s time to measure up. Use a measuring tape to work out the full width and height of the area you want to panel. If you are panelling more than one wall, note down the measurements for each wall. Double check your measurements just to be sure – panelling needs to be perfectly even to achieve a professional finish.

It can be tricky to work out exactly how many panels you will need to create the look that you desire. This is where our wall panelling kit creator comes in. Simply enter your measurements and receive an instant quote for your panelling. Once you’ve placed your order, we will create a bespoke kit, including all of the wall panels that you need. You will even receive your panels pre-primed, ready for you to instal and paint.

Panelling process
Panelling how to

Step 3: Prepare your Walls

It’s important to prep your walls to get a smooth and even finish. You can do this by sanding down your walls using either sandpaper or an electric sander. If your walls are very uneven, which is common in old properties, consider using panelling backboard as part of your panelling to create a perfect finish.

Step 4: Install your Panels

This is the exciting part! Once you’ve received your panels, it’s time to install them. If you’re using backboard, apply this to your walls first. Next, apply your panels. Apply your vertical panels first, and then your horizontal panels. Make sure to measure carefully and lightly mark where you need to place your panel. You can use a laser level to make sure your panel is perfectly straight. Use No More Nails adhesive to secure your panels to walls, without the need for screws. Press down firmly and leave to dry.

Step 5: Perfect the Look

Once your panels are finished and the adhesive is fully dried, it’s time to fill any gaps. Use decorators caulk to do this and once it’s dried lightly sand down to smooth over. If you used our panelled wall kit, your panels will have come ready primed. The next step is to paint your panelled wall a colour of your choice, to complete the look.

Panelling can completely transform any room. Whether you simply want to panel one wall to create a feature, a whole room or maybe multiple rooms, we have everything you need to create striking panelling in your home.

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